California Expats Anonymous is a dialogue between two former California residents – one from southern California and the other northern California –  who usually had discussions of California over cool beverages at a bar. Many of their impaired ramblings covered the current state of politics, society, and economy of their ex-home “Golden” state as well as of the whole nation altogether. This blog is a continuation of their drunken dialectic in which they seek to understand current events with the support of a diverse group of friends – Jose Cuervo, Jack Daniels, and their token pirate friend Captain Morgan.


NR (Not-Really) Snowden  is a burly, bearded computer programmer who enjoys a mug or two of rum and coke in the morning. Once a resident of southern California, he now lives in Denver, CO, the very center of the United States. He has no relation at all to Edward Snowden albeit he does try to subvert the American federal government one drink at a time.

Bernie is not the famed socialist Democrat with the head of wiry, white hair. He is, in fact, a small-frame, geeky American immigrant who was raised in northern California after having lived in an island country. Though he visits the San Francisco Bay Area from time to time for work and family, he now lives in Denver, CO, and enjoys a couple of glasses of sherry before being knocked out at midnight.